Welcome 2022

What does the 2022 have in store for us!!  I am hoping for a more positive, healthy start, with new possibilities and fun times ahead. 
With a huge backlog of weddings and celebrations I am hoping that we will see you all visiting us for help with all your plans.  
I have gone pretty and pink in the window this time, and rather selfishly choosing sugarcraft flowers, which truly are my favourite thing to make.  Hopefully a little inspiration if you are planning a wedding cake.
As ever our little shop thrives on helping you…. we are always happy to help and give advice, and in return you are helping keep a small business alive.  I am hoping this year brings a chance to recover and we definitely need your help to do that. 


A little update for you regarding our classes.   I do hope to get some classes underway this year, but am going to make a cautious start.  I advertised a full schedule from August onwards last year and sadly only managed to run barely 4 of them, due to lack of uptake and covid cancellations and reshedules.  The admin and advertising involved, coupled with the constant preparation that got wasted, took its toll on me before Christmas and so I am going to wait until we see how the Covid situation crinkles out as I cannot start the year dealing with constant change of plans.    
I am happy to take bookings for private lessons, if that would help you with a project or if you have a group of up to 6 friends that fancy an evening out, I would be happy to accommodate.  
Once we see how the restrictions move through January I’ll certainly be trying to get everything going again, but took the decision that if I couldn’t fill Christmas classes, which usually run full with a waiting list, then I am unlikely to fill anything in Jan or Feb and so am going to use the time to develop some new ideas.  Keep an eye on our website or facebook page for updates.
Once again thank you for your understanding x

Debbie x

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