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Cornelli Is Ten Years Old!!!

At Cornelli Sugarcraft Specialist we pride ourselves in our involvement with our local community.   We like to inspire and support others to achieve their goals, and where possible contribute our unique skills , expertise and sense of fun!

Ten years ago, when I was 32, and my daughter was not quite 2 years old, a long time ambition was realised as I took over the keys to a little cake supplies shop at the bottom of Wendover High Street. Previously called the Cake Factory, I renamed it Cornelli Sugarcraft Specialist after a piped cake decorating design and began a new and exciting chapter in my life.

The plan was to sell cake decorating supplies and equipment from the shop, make cakes from home and teach new skills to budding cake decorators in the evening, while all the time being a hands on mother to my daughter Eve.

I knew Cornelli had the potential to succeed and with dogged hard work and a timely resurgence of baking, not only did orders for my cakes flood in, but the demand for cake supplies and indeed for courses and workshops began to grow.

I had no idea the profound effect one little shop could have on my life and the lives of so many of my customers.

Ten years later, dozens of Wedding Cakes have been designed, created and delivered, hundreds of Birthday Cakes have made peoples day, and countless other celebrations have passed with the cutting of one of my cakes.

Ten years later, so many people have attended our courses, learnt skills to make their own wedding cakes, birthday cakes and family celebrations and had fun exploring a new hobby, starting their own business or just making new friends on a fun evening out.

Ten years later, with the help of my loyal and hardworking team of ladies in the shop we have served so many people and helped with all their baking and cake decorating queries, and lived through so many cake triumphs and disasters with our customers.

Ten years later, Cornelli has made its mark onWendover High Street bringing customers from far and wide to our wonderful villageand enjoy everything our High Street has to offer. We built a website, but have taken the decision not to trade online. We like to talk to our customers and we have truly become an Aladdin’s cave, offering a hugely comprehensive range of cake craft supplies and the inspiration for so many projects.

The vision behind Cornelli was most certainly to encouragepeople to have a go at cake decorating, and have a go you most certainly have.

Ten years later the dynamic of the shop is very different to when it opened. We have more stock, more staff, more exotic window displays, more internet presence and while my capacity to take cake orders has declined, my teaching commitments have grown out of sight. Cornelli has evolved and is looking to the future.

Like all businesses, I couldn’t have done it without the support from my staff, my wonderful friends and family, my Dad, who sorts out my paperwork, my Mum, who is always on hand for childcare duties (andanything else), and my daughter now nearly 12, who is the reason behind my drive.

Most of all I couldn’t have made Cornelli a success without each and every one of my customers, and so this January I would like to say a huge thank you for the past ten years and here’s to the next ten!!!

Race for Life

17th May 2015 -  Staff, customers and friends took part in Race for Life at Waddesdon Manor.   This was the culmination of months of fundraising (raffle, collection tin in the shop, sponsorship and a coffee morning at No 2 Pound Street Deli), and on a beautiful sunny day we ran, jogged, walked 6k to raise a brilliant £1,355.    Thank you to everyone who supported us.  We had an amazing time taking part in a great event for a fantastic cause.

2nd Wendover Guide Group

12th January 2015 - We were invited to give the guides their craft badges after they had completed a number of crafting tasks - including sugarcraft modelling.  We ran a number of activities on the night to give the guides an idea of how to run a cake business and the guides took part in a competition to design a cake.   A prize was awarded to the winning guide.

Wendover Foodbank

End of 2014 - Beth (who many of you will know from working in the shop on Saturday) organised some charity work through her school.  She raised awareness of the Foodbank and arranged a collection of food to be distributed locally.  In total 63 kilos of food was donated - enough for 7 people for 3 days.
July & September 2015 - We were invited to judge the two Halton Tennis Club Bake Offs - one to celebrate 4th July and the other the Club Championships.  A great selection of cakes that were then eaten by those participating in the events.  Well done to all involved.

Halton Tennis Club Bake Off

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